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Transports & Cranes

The Transport & Cranes department of the Fangmann Group realises transport and crane services for following trades:

  • Crude Oil and Natural Gas Industry (Production and Retreat, Workover)
  • Building Industry (Transfer of Machines, Pre-cast Segments etc.)
  • Energy Industry (Biogas Plant Construction, Wind Energy Plant Construction, Networking Construction)
  • Chemical Industry (Biodiesel, Food Industry)
  • Plant Construction (Preparation Plants for Crude Oil and Natural Gas)

Products and Services



Crane Services

  • Use of 6 pieces of mobile telescopic cranes of 30-130t
  • Applications: Area Altmark / Wendland is operated by the parent company Salzwedel - Prignitz area is served by the base Perleberg
  • Consulting and planning of large crane operations and multi-crane operations

Heavy work

  • reacting of machine tools
  • Heavy loads Equipment up to 36 t
  • removal, implementation and installation of complex systems, of the construction industry including partial reconstruction and surface coating (concrete mixing plants, gravel plants, etc.)

Transport services

  • Oversized and heavy transports, long materials and general cargo transports
  • Consulting and planning of large and heavy duty loads
  • planning site for complex projects
  • transport of dangerous goods (other than Class 1)
  • waste shipments
  • liquid and sludge transports
  • pipe and rod shipments
  • existing equipment’s:
    • Platform trailer (extendable to 28.5 m)
    • Low-bed trailer (telescopic, load height 50 cm)
    • Semi-trailer (extendable to 16.2 m, loading height 90cm)
    • Low-Line platform trailer (loading height 1.10 m)
    • Tank-trailer with suction and pressure build-up (capacity 23m³)
    • Truck with tank (capacity 18m³)
    • Closed transport containers for the transport of contaminated equipment
  • existing permits
    •  EU licenses
    • Transport license for waste transports
    • Nationwide permanent exemptions to 3m wide, 23m long and 41.8t GVW
    • Permanent exemptions to 57t GVW
    • Exemptions from the Sunday and holiday driving ban

Towing and recovery services

  • We provide the space for Altmark, Wendland and Priegnitz for commercial vehicles from a GVW of 7.5t
  • Our staff has been trained by the Technical Academy of recovery and towing (TABA)
  • We are a registered member of the Association of salvage and recovery company Association (VBA)


  • how to reach us
    • during business hours at:
      • Phone: 03901/8363-1
      • Fax:. 03901/8363-14
      • E-mail:
    • outside business hours: 0171/627310