A sustainable option

Renewable Energy

The last few years the Fangmann Group analysed the market of innovative conversion processes of biomasses and refusals.

In future the increasing utilisation of biomass and refusals as energy and base source will long-term substitute the fossil fuels like charcoal, oil and gas.

As a result we are endued with co-operations and contacts with major proceeding responsible for substantial conversion of biomass and refusals today.

  • Fermentation of renewable primary products and biowaste into biogas with dry and wet fermentation processing
  • Conditioning of biogas into bio natural gas quality
  • Saccharification of the whole crop (approx. 70% sugar content)
  • Production of bio grain alcohol
  • Plastics to oil processing
  • Production of pyrolysis oil
  • Generation of bioenergy with heatcoupling plants
  • ORC-Technology
  • Combustion of biomass
  • Generation of process gas
  • Geothermal Energy

During plant construction the Fangmann Group provides following services:

  • Construction and Assembling of the entire plant
  • Pipeline Systems (overground and soil covered)
  • Systems and Mechanical Engineering (instruments, filters, agitators, pumps, biofilters)
  • Heatcoupling Plants
  • Soil Covered District Heating Pipline Systems
  • Heat Exchanger Centres