Fangmann Industrie

Excellence and Competence in Industrial Projects

Since two generations Fangmann Industrie realizes superior technical projects. Our employees are applied everywhere where high-performance, reliability and high quality is required.

Our business activities range from planning, construction and manufacturing of complete new plants, pipelines and steel constructions up to provision of mobile cranes and transport services for varying requirements.

As our sister companies we are certified with all concessions which are required for high quality, safety, health and environmental standards.

With most of our customers we cultivate a long and trustful partnership. Especially within the natural gas and crude oil industry, the chemicals industry and bio-energy Fangmann Industrie refers to an enormous spectrum of experience.

Leading together, reaching targets together: This requires a maximum of motivation and performance of everyone. Perfect coordination, support of each other, our teamwork makes us a winning team - Fangmann Industrie goes this way consistently, competently and reliably.

Claim us - We would like to prove our competence to you too!

Fangmann Industrie GmbH & Co. KG

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